Jazz (kitchensink13) wrote in queersouls100,

Challenge 001: Fool

Monthly challenges must be between a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500. Only one drabble per person is allowed in challenges, so make it count!

Each challenge will run for one month. You will have three weeks to submit a drabble for the challenge. At the end of three weeks, members of the community will have one week to vote for their favorite drabble in a screened post. At the end of the forth week, a winner and a runner-up will be announced, and they will both receive banners for their drabbles.

Read the Rules and Submission Guidelines for more information before you submit a drabble. See Challenge Information for specific dates.

NOTE: Drawbles are currently not allowed for monthly challenges.

The prompt for this month is FOOL.

Good luck! ♥

EDIT: I forgot to specify a pairing! Oops... So I've decided that the first challenge will be open to ALL PAIRINGS.
Tags: !challenge, ch. 001: fool
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