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+ Any and all ships are welcome, as long as they include yaoi and/or yuri. Threesome are fine too. (OT3+ can have het, but you must focus on the yaoi/yuri aspect of the relationship.)

+ Because this community is multi-shipping, there is a high possibility that there will be a pairing you are uncomfortable with. However much it might bother you, refrain from bashing. Rudeness of any kind will not be tolerated.

+ Lurkers are loved!

+ Commenting is good. Everyone loves comments.

+ Kinks and smut are permitted (and encouraged)!

+ Incest, AU, OC, genderswitch, unrequited love, cross-gen, cross-dressing, chan, non-con, het side-pairings, OT3+ and anything squick are permitted. See the Submission Guidelines for more information.

+ No heterophobia. No sexism. No racism. No xenophobia. No bigotry. No hate. No bashing. No trashing. No trolling.

+ No advertising or off-topic posts without mod permission (note that we will likely deny most requests).

+ ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM. This will result in banning.

+ Please refrain from posting old drabbles or sections of your other fictions. The point of the community is to be inspired by the challenges and prompts as they are given.

DON'T BREAK THE RULES. Two-strikes, people. The first time you will get a warning, the second time (depending on the infraction) will get you banned.

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